Adding Social Proof to Your Website with Client & Press Logos

Adding brand logos to your website that everyone knows and trusts grabs attention and the perception of validity for your business.

Email Marketing Campaign Checklists

Once you have determined your marketing strategy, this checklist process will help you monitor the design, content, and technicalities of your email marketing campaign.

The Basics to WordPress Search Engine Optimization

How to improve a website’s search ranking is one of the most common questions I get in this field. Many people interested in Galactic’s services will ask how to get their existing website on the first page of Google’s search results.

Instagram Best Practices For Your Business

Instagram is a great way to introduce your followers to the lifestyle of your brand through a visual story. When done well, thousands of followers will deliver instant validation of your posts and feel connected to your products and services.

Why I Recommend WP Engine for WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a managed hosting provider focused solely on WordPress. I have been developing WordPress websites on WP Engine for more than two years now and rely on their efficient features and fast speed, and have never looked back.

Galactic Ideas Receives Uncode Showcase Award for Métier

We are very pleased to announce that Mé was chosen for the Uncode WordPress Theme Showcase. The Métier website was built using the Uncode WordPress theme and chosen for its unique look and ease of use.