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Leif Jensen / Founder

Leif spent the first 5 years of his career in video game development, shipping several games for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. He was one of the early pioneers of modern Gamification techniques – applying video game mechanics in a business context to increase user engagement. In 2006, he was approached by a SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company who wanted to redesign their sales force application to mirror the intuitive design of video games. Hence, Leif’s transition from gaming to broader software development.

Leif lives in Sun Valley, Idaho where he finds inspiration and an active lifestyle amongst the beautiful mountains.

Leif Jensen Galactic Ideas
Leif Jensen Galactic Ideas

Leif’s work is still inspired by his passion for raising the design bar with clever solutions to today’s complex problems. He continues to refine his craft, staying on the leading edge of the rapidly changing design trends by regularly attending networking events and training courses provided by companies like Apple and Amazon. He thrives on building user-driven solutions using innovative technologies with a Kanban approach, looking for areas to eliminate clutter and simplify. Whether it is a responsive website layout or an iOS app, Leif has the proven techniques to create a great visual and intuitive experience for your customers.

Leif has spent the last 5 years as an investor on multiple startups in the Seattle area – many in partnership with Facet Digital, a software development agency he co-founded and still consults with on software projects that require a larger development team and complex engineering support.

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