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An industry leader in luxury towboats, Supreme Boats tapped Galactic Ideas to develop a lifestyle brand campaign to translate the brand’s key messaging and value propositions across a spectrum of digital and print marketing channels to attract and engage with a new audience.

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Our Contributions

Responsive Website Design
UX/UI Design
Brand Strategy
Print Media
Logo Redesign
Photography Direction
Social Media

A group of people riding surfboards, captured in a vibrant web design.

Supreme Boats

Continuing its long-standing partnership with Supreme Boats, Galactic Ideas laid out and executed a creative marketing strategy to launch their new model line. We knew that to be successful, this campaign had to focus on the core aspects of their brand – a genuine commitment to giving you the best possible experience on water. This campaign began with a new logo, color palette, and message, and included a full suite of deliverables such as a responsively designed website, printed catalog, event displays, signage, and a social media strategy.

Supreme Boats MVT website screenshot

Print Media

Whether visiting a showroom or walking through a boat show, purchasing a boat needs to be an interactive experience. Taking the consistent design from the website, Galactic provided all the print media necessary to get the message across that Supreme is the most valuable towboat in the industry.  We designed a beautiful coffee table-worthy catalog, event brochures and banners, and all the signage to stick out amongst the competition.

Supreme 2022 Catalog on table
Supreme Boats graphic display
Supreme marine roll up banner featuring a captivating User Interface designed by our expert web design team at our website design agency.
A blue backdrop with a black and white logo on it, showcasing the expertise of a website design agency.
A black table cover with the word supreme on it, perfect for a stylish web design or user interface.

The website launched Supreme’s new model line of towboats as an exciting, fresh chapter for the company, conveying the business and its luxurious products in a fun and authentic way. In recent months, Supreme has seen unprecedented growth as we have start shifting our message toward fulfilling orders.

Supreme S220 boat with surfer behind